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Training Projects

We specialise in building training content for customers who need to illustrate technically complex procedures, often in situations where photography and filming are not possible, where the content is too dangerous, or expensive, to film or photograph.  We also create technical graphic content for marketing, design presentations, planning approvals, and community consultations. Often using CAD data provided by the customer, animated sequences are created to illustrate planned buildings, large technical sites and complex equipment. This content is then incorporated with photography, video, satellite imagery to provide complete presentation tools.

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HMNZ Aotearoa - Technical Training

Client: Royal New Zealand Navy


Collection of 57 computer based training courses on technical systems of the ship. Level 1 Training for new recruits.

Safe Work Method Elearning 

Client: nbn Australia's broadband access network


nbn are Australia's major internet network provider and require new and convenient methods to educate their employers. Marops created a series of online training videos with quizzes at the end to ensure workers are keeping safe and not putting members of the public at risk while they carry out their work

Site Safety Training

Client: Metro Rail


Metro Rail in Melbourne are responsible for a large network of local and interstate rail traffic which also must accomodate vehicles, pedestrians and work crews. Marops was tasked with producing an informative video that highlighted the dangers of workers and equipment from a variety of companies together at one construction site.

Sky Guardian - Promotional Video

Client: General Atomics


The Sky Guardian is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed specifically for use in Search and Rescue, Border Protection and Civil Defence.  General Atomics needed an informative video to demonstrate the capabilities of the aircraft and how it could be utilised in New Zealand to lead disaster response and efficient patrolling of remote fisheries.

Short Term Access - Induction Training

Client: ElectraNet


Simple mistakes can be deadly when working around high voltage electricity. This induction video was designed to educate workers on their obligations and safety rules when working on High Voltage sites. This included: safe clearance distances, PPE, and the various types of barrier protocols and signage systems.

Life Cycle Safety & Instructional Videos
Client: SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks entrust Marops to develop and maintain a database of videos that instruct employees on how to operate all their various types of equipment used across their network. This ensures their workers complete their tasks correctly, cutting down on human errors and potential outages. A high risk environment means there is a responsibility to make sure it will be safe and practical for the intended user, throughout its life cycle. These videos teach employees how to use hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process to eliminate or minimise the risk of injury.

Utility Strike - Industry Educational Videos

Client: SafeWork SA


Still from an instructional video that was part of a six part series "Avoiding Utility Strikes" that outlines what builders, contractors etc need to know to avoid striking underground utilities and overhead power lines.

Search and Rescue Training
Rail Equipment Marketing Video
Client: TrackIQ.  A Wabtec Company


TrackIQ are a global provider of railway condition monitoring
and asset management solutions. Their track-side hardware monitors passing rail traffic and reports on a large number of maintenance items and defects. Marops developed a marketing video showing the range of systems in operation using 3D computer animation.

Search & Rescue Training
Client: The New Zealand Search and Rescue Council


NZSAR has permanent and volunteer staff to perform Search and Rescue operations. The process to locate people and vessels can be complex, and searchers often have to refresh their knowledge to maintain technical accuracy. Marops developed video resources that educate their staff on the fundamental techniques. The videos are also made available online so they can watch them whenever they need to refresh their knowledge.

Motor Vehicle Accident Training
Client: New Zealand Fire Service


The NZ Fire Service attend thousands of vehicle accidents every year and are responsible for extricating people trapped in vehicles, often in very difficult circumstances. Marops worked with them to develop a set of instructional videos that cover the most common crash scenarios and how to break down the vehicle in the most efficient way to safely remove the victims.

Workplace Health and Safety

Client: Pinnacle Work Place Consultants


Occupational Health and Safety is becoming paramount for many companies looking to reduce bad practices which contribute to staff injuries and long periods of rehabilitation. Working with Pinnacle, Marops created a series of videos to educate staff on everyday techniques that can reduce musculoskeletal injuries. 

Spinal Injuries

Client: Neil Sache Foundation


Spinal injuries are serious and often permanent. We created a set of videos targeted at teenagers to make them aware that simple mistakes can have very serious consequences. Using humour and 3D animations to educate viewers on the anatomy of the spine and common accidents that can lead to spinal injuries. 

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