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2019 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry (Category 2 - under $15 million)
Customer: 1st December 2019


Finalist in this years Minister of Defence awards for our part in the Air Warfare Officer training programme. Marops are providing the ground-based and aircraft AWO Training Systems. 

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Marops at Avalon Air Show
25-28th February 2019


Marops are demonstrating the Specialist Air Crew Sensor workstation. Aircraft and classroom versions. Incorporating Marops WideEye simulation software.

The Avalon Air Show is located west of Melbourne, Australia.

For more information on the project see Air Crew Training Capability below.

Winner of 2018 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry (Category 3 - over $15 million)
1st November 2018


Awarded to The Boeing Company/Airbus New Zealand Ltd/Beca/Marops for the Underwater Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance project.
Boeing partnered with Airbus and Beca for the aircraft installation and software, and with MAROPS to provide the acoustic scenario generator for the on-board acoustic training system on the RNZAF P-3K2 aircraft fleet. In addition to doing acceptance test work MAROPS also provided the operational publications updates and delivered all of the training that enabled the capability to enter service efficiently. Marops involvement on the project continues as the local Through Life Support partner.

Air Crew Training Capability
Customer: Royal New Zealand Air Force - Hawker Pacific


Hawker Pacific are providing B350 King Air aircraft to the RNZAF for multi–engine conversion training for the training of C–130 and P–3K2 pilots and for indigenous Air Warfare Officer training. Marops are providing the ground-based and aircraft AWO Training Systems.

Air Force Training
Marops mentioned in N.Z. Parliament

Customer: Royal New Zealand Air Force


Ron Mark, the Minister of Defence, announces the lease of four Beechcraft Kingair 350 aircraft.  The Aircrew Training Capability provided by the 350 aircraft is supported by Marops. We are providing the simulation systems, the training solution and the integrated sensor management system, to the prime contractor Hawker Pacific New Zealand Limited.

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WideEye Scenario
WideEye Tactical Command Training


WideEye is a scenario generation system, developed by Marops Ltd, for tactical command and control. WideEye provides a world wide gaming area comprised of maps, environmentals, tracks and sensors. Transmitters and receivers can be assigned to real or simulated tracks to provide sensor information exchange for scenarios which can be customised to suit your training needs. WideEye monitors the signal traits and movements of tracks creating a dynamic and live scenario to best suit the training objective. 

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